Use Color to Jazz Up a Plain Bathroom

The prevailing color scheme trends for bathrooms have been leaning towards white for several years now, with good reason. It is pleasing, sophisticated, sanitary, and safe for resale and mass-produced homes. But suppose you find that boring and would prefer to put more of your own personal stamp on your bathroom. Here are some ways to bring in a splash of color, and not necessarily spend a fortune.

Instantly Transform the Walls

If there is anywhere in the house where it’s fun to add bold, vibrant wall color, it’s the bathroom. People tend to play it safe in the rest of the house, but a bathroom doesn’t have that much wall space to cover, so a strong color almost serves as an accent in many cases. Against pure white fixtures, a bright apple green, a deep fuchsia, or a periwinkle blue really stands out in contrast.

There used to be an old decorating rule that dark colors shouldn’t be used in small spaces. That is partly true, but it is an oversimplification. When balanced and accessorized well, a colorful tiny room can give a wonderful feeling of being cocooned in a private place, and that can be especially appropriate for a bathroom.

Use a Soft Touch

Soft furnishings can not only add color and texture, but can even inspire the overall scheme. Window treatments or bath towels can provide a shot of color that can be easily changed when the mood strikes. Shower curtains are now available that are fun and funky; some even have a theme that will give the starting point for the whole room. And area rugs are good for more than comfort under your feet, with so many great patterns, textures, and materials, from naturally water-resistant wool to woven cotton to bamboo.

Make Hard Surfaces Interesting

Install ceramic tile in small but strategic ways to create a big impact. Instead of simple, understated tiles, choose from the incredible array of glass tiles on the market. All of the colors of the rainbow are available, plus you will see more beautiful types and shapes than you can imagine. Iridescent, frosted, transparent – mosaics, squares, rectangles, ovals – there is no shortage of options to bring detail to an area of the bathroom that will fascinate and delight. It doesn’t have to be a major expense. Use it to highlight a piece of wall behind the mirror, line a backsplash, or on just the vertical surfaces of a tub or shower surround.

Also under the heading of hard surfaces is the vast variety of decorative lav sinks. Here is an opportunity to add the “wow” factor that clearly conveys a unique style statement. One idea is the use of a vessel sink that sits atop the vanity counter. These are made of ceramic, glass, stone, stainless steel, and more. For a contemporary feel, consider an angular ceramic bowl or a sculpted stainless steel basin. If you want to add a warm handmade touch, there are vessel sinks of stoneware made on a potter’s wheel, with rustic glazes, or perhaps a hammered copper bowl. For the glamorous bath, cut or etched glass vessels that resemble crystal are fabulous. All vessel sinks require either faucets that have special long-length bases, or wall-mount faucets. The unusual faucet calls even more attention to the beauty of the sink!

Another type of decorative sink is the intricately decorated drop-in or undermount basin that is a work of art on it’s own. These are usually a more formal, traditional style, which would appeal to those who appreciate a stately, timeless look. The colors and style of the sink’s decoration could be used to guide the rest of the choices for the room.

Add Personal Style

Ideas for personalizing a space come from examining the interests, values, and tastes of it’s inhabitants. The point is to be as quirky or as conservative as your personality dictates. Look to collections, photos and art, vintage finds, live plants, containers and baskets, and similar items. The most successful choices have an element of unexpectedness, yet blend into the room seamlessly and even fulfill some practical function, such as placing a piece of antique stained glass in front of a window to distract from a less than desirable view. Sometimes it’s not the actual item that provides the uniqueness, but the way in which things are arranged or displayed. For example, back-to-back twin vanities with mirrors and lighting suspended from the ceiling would be a more unusual way to lay out an ultra-modern bathroom that is otherwise quite stark.

More Ideas Are At Your Fingertips

Besides studying home decorating books and magazines, visit the Buffalo Plumbing Showroom website for links to manufacturer’s websites; they are abundant resources from which solutions can be discovered. Also, browse Pinterest or try a Google image search to get your creative juices flowing. When you are ready to experience the latest in decorative bath products in person, be sure to stop by Buffalo Plumbing Showroom at 600 Bailey Avenue near Clinton in Buffalo. There are over 6,000 square feet of displays to browse, with showers, lavatories, whirlpools, vanities, faucets, toilets, bidets, accessories, and even a fully functioning steam bath. You can meet with one of the interior designers and get help coordinating all of the elements like a pro!

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